Underhanded, Excerpt #1

Terry Franklin
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The blood curdling scream from the back yard jump-started my adrenaline. I rushed to the patio door and turned on the floodlight just in time to see the neighbor’s son, Josh, disappear through a broken section of stockade fence.

What the hell?

I opened the door and called, “Josh? What’s wrong, buddy?”

After a moment with no response from Josh, I closed the door and turned off the floodlight. It was after ten and time to go home. I put away the staining materials I’d been working with, washed my hands and then pulled my phone from a pocket to call Ren and let him know I was about to leave. That’s when a text came through from Josh.

There’s a hand, or something, in the rubble of the swimming pool! Go look. I ain’t joshin’. Deep end, where the crew was breaking it up today. Scared me to death!