About the Author

I retired from the US Postal Service in 2010, after thirty-six years. Not long after, I became the proofreader and jack of all trades for author Connie Suttle, a long-time, very close friend.

With Connie as my inspiration, I decided to write a book of my own, Malefactor. The manuscript languished in a dusty computer folder for almost twenty years before I finally found my author’s voice. I felt I had a good story idea, but I basically had to start over, because the old manuscript was woefully out of date.

The bulk of the writing occurred in February and March 2016 while on a research trip to Australia with Connie and her family. Many months of severe editing followed, and the book was finally published August 23, 2016.

I recently finished the sequel, Transgressor, published on December 23, 2017.

Currently, I’m working on a third book in the Ren Gifford Mysteries series, tentatively titled Underhanded.

I’m in my early 60s, gay and single. I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, with my two kids, Dingo and Ringo, miniature long-coat Chihuahuas.

Thank you for visiting my blog.